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a woman feeding her small dog Bella dog food

Small is spoken here

Others may look at your small dog and see just that - a small dog. But to you she's more than that. She's like your baby. She looks at you with those innocent eyes. And fills your heart completely.

At Bella, we adore small. That’s why it’s our privilege to create meals inspired by the little one you know and love so well. Meals that nurture. Meals that nourish. Meals that pamper your small dog.


& Nourish
package of both Bella wet and dry dog food

Pamper the Bella way

That special touch. That sweet and thoughtful addition. That little extra something only you can provide, because you know your small dog so completely. That’s pampering the Bella way. And we’re dedicated to helping you do it daily.

With carefully chosen flavors and formulated for adult small dogs, Bella gives you one more way to put the extra in ordinary. Every day, your way.

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